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Full Version: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Review and 2022 Price Predictions and Discussion
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What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?
Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency created by splitting off the Bitcoin blockchain in 2017 and is denoted by BCH. It is among the most traded cryptocurrencies.

Restricting the transactions that can save blocks in the Bitcoin system to a certain limit causes the transactions to be slowed down. With Bitcoin Cash, this issue has been forestalled and it is intended to beat the challenges in sending and getting cash.

Although the solution to the problems in the Bitcoin system has been on the agenda many times, the lack of a center made such an innovation impossible. This system, which was initially established to prevent abuse, started to become a problem with the increase in the popularity of Bitcoin and the increase in the number of users.

Instead of changing the Bitcoin system as a solution to these problems, Bitcoin developers preferred to produce a new coin on the same blockchain. In the first days of Bitcoin Cash, the amount of Bitcoin Cash was defined to the accounts of the users as much as the Bitcoin amount.

As a solution to the problems in the Bitcoin system, the block sizes of Bitcoin Cash were increased from 1 MB to 8 MB, and by increasing the number of transactions recorded in the blocks, transactions were made faster and more efficiently.

What are the Advantages of Bitcoin Cash?
Bitcoin Cash has become a faster confirmation system by increasing the capacity of the blocks being traded to 8 MB, separately from the Bitcoin system. Bitcoin Cash has increased the block capacity by removing the SegWit protocol in the Bitcoin system. With the advantage of being one of the most traded cryptocurrencies, it is traded on many exchanges.

How Is Bitcoin Cash Mining Done?
Mining is a significant factor in Bitcoin Cash for what it's worth for other digital forms of money. It is traded on the Bitcoin blockchain system. It is important for the continuity and security of the system.

Before you start mining, you should create a wallet where you can store your earned Bitcoin Cash values. To make a profit, you need to have ASIC devices specially produced for this purpose in Bitcoin Cash mining, as in Bitcoin mining.

You receive a reward for each block you create in mining. The size of Bitcoin Cash blocks is 8 MB, which requires more processing power and more energy to create blocks.

You can mine Bitcoin Cash individually or as part of a pool. Since the block completion process is a difficult process, if you do not have enough equipment, it will be more profitable to do it by being included in a pool.

Differences Between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin?
Bitcoin Cash is a new and up-to-date cryptocurrency value created by separating from the blockchain used by the Bitcoin system.
Bitcoin Cash blocks are 8MB in size while the Bitcoin block limit is capped at 1MB.
Bitcoin utilizes the SegWit convention, Bitcoin Cash has eliminated the SegWit convention from the framework.
Bitcoin Cash has a quicker and less expensive exchange framework.
How to Buy Bitcoin Cash?